Ductless Systems


Ductless System

The ductless mini-split cooling unit can be mounted on the wall or in the ceiling.

Efficient Comfort

Efficient and eco friendly with Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings ranging from 16 to 22.

Quiet Operation

Enjoy quiet comfort as low as 26 dB, for whisper-quiet operation.

Design Flexibility

With no ductwork to install, you can enjoy reliable heating and cooling in any room you desire.

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Mini-Split Indoor Units

Economical indoor high wall mounting system designed specifically to meet your heating and cooling needs.

Mini-Split Outdoor Units

Small space heating and cooling, quiet operation, flexible, with efficient comfort.

Multi Zone Indoor Units

Easy for future expansion and capable of connecting to multiple indoor zones or to one outdoor unit.

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Trane ductless systems allow you to create a comfortable indoor environment in spaces where adding ductwork might be impractical. Our easy-to-install ductless systems offer flexibility in design with two components – an outdoor unit and one or more compact indoor units.

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